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Macpherson Smith Community Alliance – Supporting Rural Communities is one of six township websites which was established through the Communities and Technology (CAT) Project. This project attracted funding support from the Machperson Smith Community Alliance an initiative between the State Government and Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.


The Moorabool Shire Council - The Navigators community has received support from the Moorabool Shire in establishing its township website. The Moorabool Shire Council is committed to increasing the community’s capacity to use information technology to gain access to a wider variety of services and enhance the lifestyle and well-being of people living in rural areas. extends the Moorabool Community Online (MCOnline) which was first launched during May 2001.


Ballan and District Community Capacity Building Initiative - The Communities and Technology was identified as a priority through the Navigators and District Community Capacity Building Initiative (CCBI) - a three-year Victorian Government pilot project which aimed to strengthen the ability of small rural communities to take charge of their future. CCBI Steering Committee members have provided support to the CAT project through membership of the Project Steering Committee and Township Working Groups.


CeRDIThe Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI) operates as a business unit of FederationUniversity. Through education, training research and consultancies CeRDI promotes the advancement of eCommerce, particularly in its practical application in regional and rural Australia. CeRDI was appointed by the Moorabool Shire to fulfil the role of Website Facilitator for the Communities and Technology Project. CeRDI delivers the technology platforms that underpin the website. CeRDI also provides training and support to ensure that community members can effectively maintain their local online services.


Sarah Springfield Sarah was appointed by the Moorabool Shire to fulfil the role of the Community Facilitator for the Communities and Technology Project. She has worked closely with CECC to engage with six communities. Sarah has supported each local working group in developing their ideas and priorities for their local township website.


Fed UniFederation University - Federation University is one of Australia's newest and most progressive universities, with a history of providing tertiary education and training reaching back more than 130 years. It is pre-eminently a regional institution, with three major campuses in Ballarat and one each in Horsham, Stawell and Ararat. Federation University is working with project stakeholders to build a research program which will monitor the short and long-term impacts of the Communities and Technology project.


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